Wednesday, April 24, 2013

It has been a while since I graduated from Empire State College and made an entry into this blog. This blog was started as a requirement of the Digital Art and Design course I took there.

I am writing today to make 2 observations about some interesting art ideas. The first is the new photographic method called light painting. Here are some examples of what can be done using a camera that you can adjust exposure time with. Example 1 Ball of Light. And example 2 is one of my own time lapse still shots at night commemorating Neil Armstrong and a Blue Moon. And this link will take you to a Google page of photography links you can follow to find out more of what can be done.

The next point of interest today is how still cameras are being used as motion video cameras. You might think this is odd because a still camera is a still camera. Not any more. The line between a motion video camera and a still camera that can take motion video has become grey. In this example a still camera is being set to take a series of long exposure stills that are then either imported into a video editing timeline or compiled inside the camera as a "motion" video.

The other option is to simply use the still camera video function and have it work as a video camera. This article on PCMAG states the method and reasoning better than I ever could.