Sunday, January 31, 2016

Music, no music.

It isn't so much about music.

In my Radio and Television class my professor used to tell us to turn off the sound.

Do it.

The lesson here is that, and you may hear this term someday, video follows audio.

Turn off the sound, watch the movie. It makes almost no sense.


Turn off the picture and turn the sound back on...

You can listen to a movie, or ad or whatever, and fairly well make out what is going on. You have dialogue, and you have the music. We have all been trained to eerie sounds, tense music, happy sounds, sad and so on.

Music brings a lot to the picture.

Recently the guy who wrote the song Wild Thing was interviewed on NPR. He was talking and then in the middle of the song he said listen, and the song stops for a few moments, he then says that's one of the best parts of the song, because there isn't any sound there.

In graphic art, the correlation is negative space.

Stop looking at your cell phone if you have the TV on in the room. Or go turn it off and pay attention to your cell phone. Don't do both.