Sunday, January 30, 2011

Artist's Statement

  I create my works of art to tantalize the eye and to bring an enjoyment out of the experience that hopefully you might be unfamiliar with. My abstractions are fields for your eyes to plunge into and get lost in with their variety of colors and myriad shapes. I title them with my own impressionistic nomenclature that I perceive from them when they are finished. They are not named until after they are finished. Photoshop, photography, videography and various styli (whether they be felt tip, pen or pencil) applied to paper, are the favorite mediums for me to express myself in and to illustrate from reality to unreality. My illustrations are cartoon-ish in style as I was brought up enjoying the works of many cartoonists from Charles Schultz of Peanuts fame to Walt Kelly's Pogo and his satiric wit to those of G.B Trudeau as seen in Doonesbury. I strive to envelope your vision and imagination by creating a narrative world that walks about in your mind and which hopefully unleashes your mind's eye in enjoyable and edifying ways. A professional expert in the world of photoshop, video acquisition, still photography and to a lesser degree cartooning, illustration and writing, I am currently working to enhance my abilities with studies in Illustration and Digital Art and Design, so as to have a better understanding of the Visual Culture we now live in so as to better tap into your imagination and set it free for the world to see.
  Subjectivity, objectivity, composition and out of the box thinking bring me to my decisions on what is to become a part of the canvas in any medium I work in. Decisions come and go both easily and with great difficulty depending on where any given piece needs weight added to its matter. Some of my most beautiful works are mistakes that I stumble upon as I create and then realize great satisfaction comes from them. For me the decision becomes finalized when the image feels right, a totally subjective conclusion but one that has served me well. The challenge often becomes one of complexity for me. As each piece is staged and I stand back and look at it I wonder if enough is going on or being conveyed. Quite often I find myself at a stopping point and simply have no idea how or where to proceed, and so I walk away and let a process of gel-ing or fermentation take place so as to allow the moment to mature, then I return and find myself with new ideas, a fresh viewpoint, refreshed and prepared on how to proceed to further the piece and finally arrive at a point of satisfaction. Thus I hope I create innovative, provoking, evocative and colorful work that returns a new page for the World to see. Please enjoy yourself taking in my works. I had great fun making them and bringing them to you.

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