Saturday, February 7, 2015

Cameras Used by Sundance 2015 Filmmakers & Why They Chose Them

This is of interest to anyone making a production. I repost this for you to read:

lately, for myself, I have been looking into the purchase of the Sony A6000 mirrorless Digital SLR, and Sigma lenses to put on it.

Here is a review that makes me a believer as to why this is a good choice in a camera.

The problems I am now faced with are:

1 - I am not working in my field of expertise, and so I am not making enough money to afford one of these.

2 - I also want a drone setup. Despite the issues with laws and people taking a poor attitude about drones, here are some videos that show how wonderful having a drone photography/video system can be:


How can you not love the perspective the drone has from above?

I have been thinking I might ask for help and do a Kickstarter or Indiegogo campaign to ask for the funds to purchase BOTH systems.

That's about $6 thousand dollars worth of help. And then I have to learn to use them to their BEST advantage so they will pay for themselves.

Wish me luck,

- Chuck

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