Saturday, March 21, 2015


I recently was listening to NPR radio and heard a piece of jazz music by The Maureen Choi Quartet:

Maureen Choi at Reverb Nation

They played "Feelin' Good".

I thoroughly enjoyed it, and when I heard the announcer give the name of the group I went and looked for it online and found the above website.

As well as being music I enjoyed, Reverbnation seems to be an interesting website for one specific reason, it appears you can get your music onto iTunes by being a Reverbnation member.

On the downside, Reverbnation has a lot of ins and outs and is difficult to figure out. There are a couple ways to promote your music, and this had me confused. I am not convinced that paying for promotion is the way to go, but Reverbnation has a pay to play angle.

Considering I heard the Maureen Choi Quartet on NPR, it appears it works, if this was the only way the quartet promoted themselves and ended up on NPR I'd say that is pretty good..

Another downside to Reverbnation is the webpage has en embedded player system. Chrome does not initialize the player correctly so I had to listen via Firefox and/or Explorer. fyi.


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