Saturday, July 27, 2013

Shooting somewhat of a Rock-u-mentary.

A favorite band that I grew up with has been getting together over the last few years and giving freen music events in my hometown of Corning, NY. Typically it is some weekend in July each year, and has been going on since 2011.

In 2012 I got wind of it and decided to video tape it. Here is a link to the four bands that played that year:

This year I once again received wind of it, but decided to do things differently and have found myself once again in a little bit of a learning curve.

I decided to rent an extra camera, and an extra camera person, along with his camera.

We are using still cameras, with video capabilities to acquire the video footage, along with my tape based HDEF Sony, to shoot this. Shooting video with still cameras; this is an emerging trend, at the time of this writing, in the world of video production. Digital SLR still cameras have very high quality imaging, and are now being used in a wide variety of ways to capture video. I used my first DSLR yesterday and have shot video with it, and on first glance, the results are impressive. Good quality resolution, great color, and even the audio is decent.

However, I worked in a tight space yesterday and didn't get the right lens to do the job. I rented a 50 millimeter lens, when what I really needed was about a 25 millimeter lens, with zoom capabilities. The 50 managed okay, but I was so close to my subjects that focus became an issue and found myself rolling in and out to stay in focus. It was a bit of a challenge.

So I thank goodness that I am shooting more than one rehearsal, and will also be shooting the live event, weather permitting, later today.

This will allow me to have a huge amount of video and still shots to pick from. The rule of thumb when shooting video is more is better. The idea being that if at some point you have something bad happen, like someone walks in front of one camera, you have something else to cut to, in order to cover that ruined shot.

I will post some finished product to this blog later.



Here is a link to the rock video as it presently stands:


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