Sunday, December 1, 2013

Interesting what happened last night...

As I create my art works some interesting things keep happening. One is that I find myself going back over what I have done and I find new updates have occurred with tools I have used in the past, and I keep increasing my "web" of myself. I am not sure that inter-connectivity will make one a success, money-wise that is. But as an artist (using the term loosely here, I see myself more as a person that plays at art rather than a Picasso-like embodiment trying to end war, or like Bob Dylan, writing music to end war; for me it is simply fun to get into it and see what happens as a result). What is success anyway? You can define that in a lot of ways if you are open minded.

Anyway... I happen to be wondering how to make the new cover for the new part of my speculative fiction story, the first part of which is called Enter the Mass Cancelled Square Dance, which you can read here, and which has a nice cover. The new part called Spark Gap, which can be seen here, doesn't have a cover yet. And so I have been wondering how to overcome this as one of the tools I used to create the first cover isn't available to me at the present (pun intended as you'll see), but I went looking for it and surprise, the tool is not only available, but it is available for only $19.95, whereas years ago it was much more expensive.

The tool?

Bryce. Check it out. Enter the Mass Cancelled Square Dance cover was made using it and Photoshop.

Why is it that I am so happy to find this tool, because I got pretty good at using it years ago, it has a light memory headroom, meaning it is not a memory hog and so it doesn't bog down your box like other 3D creation tools like anything by Autodesk (lightwave, maya, etc...), and I happen to have gotten fairly decent at using it's interface, simply by playing around with it. I like to play. Play brings joy.

Bryce brings me back to a time I was exploring and playing with all the great software creation tools (Dreamweaver, Flash, Premier, Photoshop, Ulead tools like GIF animator, Cool 3D, Bryce, Windows Paint, Windows Character Map and some other "tinker toys") and having a lot of fun doing so.

So, my point is that going back over what you have used and done before can be an enlightening experience.

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