Monday, May 23, 2016

In my quest to make a movie...

In my quest to make a movie I keep thinking of questions and ask them of Google, and a website called Quora.

There is a fork in the road there in such a quest (making a movie). I watched JJ Abrams the other day, the Director of Star Trek movies and the latest Star Wars movie, and he says it is easy to make a movie these days, but he doesn't go on about how to make one, and his statement leaves out answering the question of how to go about making a major motion picture for national and international release.

I am not sure if the link I am about to post helps, but it reads like it is on track as of this writing, May 23 2016.

Follow this link, it goes to a webpage that tells about the 65 steps to make a movie:

And while I am at it, I just found this website:

But I suggest that if you are a writer, you probably want to find a program called Scrivener, it is here:

I like the pricing for Scrivener better, but my research suggests major studios use Movie Magic products when making a film.

So there is the fork in the road, going Big Budget and all the way to Hollywood?

Or Create Space and Youtube and Vimeo and festivals?

Also, something that keeps recurring to me is that awards are nice but money is probably better. I probably will change my mind about this some day.

And I think it is worth watching this Youtube clip of George Lucas about Joy.

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