Sunday, May 8, 2016

Marvel's Captain America:Civil War

I went to see Captain America: Civil War today. The title gives away the basic plot line, the super hero team becomes divided, and essentially a 2.5 hour WWF brawl takes place.

It is fun the way the interplay with Spiderman and Ant Man occurs during the movie. I missed the Hulk.

I did notice some technical aspects that enhance the fight scenes. The trick during fight scenes being used is strobing. By cutting a frame or two here and there the smooth cinematic movement that gives movies its immaculate visual appeal instead becomes somewhat jagged, thus giving the fight scenes an edgy quality. It isn't present in all of the fights.

I actually don't like this optical illusion because I see it. And because I see it I know it is there to sway my visual mind.

Personally the most amazing fighter ever was Bruce Lee. I don't believe his fights look repetitive, except that he always won.

There are three interesting new aspects to the story line in Civil War.

The first is the political repercussion of the vigilante superheroes beating the bad guys in all of the films to date, but now the penalty of unbridled fighting is met with consequence. Politicians and politics and the Law attempt to take away the superheroes fighting.

They eventually refuse, and then begin unbridled fighting again regardless of damage and consequence.

The second is subtle. The story line makes an argument that it is in fact okay to kill people.

I suppose this is to be expected because terrorism seems to be the norm now, as if the media is saying well, we gotta get used to it somehow, someway, someday, why not now?

I do realize it is the story of the movie and probably not meant to make a real argument for killing people. But untrained minds might not reason it out like that.

It is the further devaluation of human life, which was first given to us, as I recall, in the story of Soylent Green, where human life becomes the food of the unknowing populace.

The third is that in a world where hacking has become acceptable, even expected and labeled as cool, and hackers can be viewed as both bad guys and vigilantes (good guys fighting back?), Civil War takes us back to a story overtone from the Old Western, that of lawlessness meeting the law, or rather someone that is better, or perhaps badder than the other hacker, fighter, outlaw. It is an old story line, it is interesting though in view of what has been in the headlines lately with agencies of the US Government trying to outhack the hackers.

A comment from a few years ago from one of the online review magazines about that year's Defcon was that the bad guys have won. Meaning they can't be beat. They can hack their way into any online device.

I find this particularly poignant going into this election because of a story off to the sidelines about Bitcoin digital currency gaining a serious quality by the State of New York by way of recognizing it as a legitimate currency without thinking how this currency will bring down the Fed.

Bitcoin is used for legal and illegal reasons and purposes.

Bitcoin digital currency is a kind of inversion of the US dollar bill you can hold in your hand, and the credit issued to cover the US Dollar you can hold in your hand by The Federal Reserve Bank.

Bitcoin operates without a Central Bank.

If you've ever wondered about how we will get rid of the 20 trillion dollar national debt, here it is: Bitcoin Digital Currency.

This story about Bitcoin was written just as the US Government retired the 20 dollar bill with Andrew Jackson on it, the man who was alleged to have said he killed the Central Bank.

Bitcoin will kill the Central Bank. Perhaps taking the national debt with it. And it will take all of us down another technological Matrix kind of path and move all of us down another rung in the money social economic ladder because a currency controlled by networks and computers will allow network administrators, and Artificial Intelligence bots to re-route the use of the Bitcoin currency to preferred servers, thus making people that control those servers and those bots to become the kings of the new Bitcoin currency regime. It won't be the Fed controlling it, and it won't be the US Banking system either.

The State of New York took the pill, it doesn't matter what color it was.

The badguys appear to lose at the movies, but in real life...

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