Sunday, April 17, 2016

As I keep heading towards making my first feature film...

As I keep heading towards making my first feature film I keep building aspects of it in my mind.

Questions haunt me all the time. things like, whats the opening sequence going to be? When I look at the first Star Wars movie it had so many things going for it. A great title, a re-working of the cowboy western into outer space, awesome, visionary, and visually interesting effects...

Imagine having a government space offense/defense program named after your movie.

The list goes on.

I see several opening scenes for my own movie in mind. When I think about it I recall plays like Silent Alarm, the opening for Star Wars and that incredibly huge Imperial Cruiser chasing down the Millenium Falcon, and how long that was on screen to purposefully pull us into that moment and give us a heightened sense of action.

I see other opening sequences as well, but none that grab like SW did.

I have spent much time over the last few years shooting photographs. And my background is in commercial and public broadcasting. I understand lookspace and how to compose a photograph and how to frame up a video shot.

But how do you get off on the right foot with a feature movie?

I am not sure yet but, because I am enamored of Stanley Kubrick, I intend to make a sunrise, sunset hyperlapse video clip. I have already made a hyperlapse clip of the community I live in and a neighboring town as well. Here is the link to view it:

One of the aspects I come away with this video is when I watch it I see the way the dynamic changes when I drive into the forest area going up Harris Hill. It is one thing to drive around on flat area, and to see the quick stops and starts at stop signs. It is entirely different to see what happens during the seconds from 2:13 to 2:40. has just occurred to me what might be down to enhance a hyperlapse that I don't currently see in others on the net.

I will make one and show you what I mean, maybe, or maybe I will keep it a secret.

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