Thursday, April 21, 2016

The Lytro Still Camera

Continuing with the last few days about Lytro cameras, today is about the Lytro still camera.

I have used the Lytro Still camera and I have to say it is a great camera to use after you get used to how it works.

I mention this because I finished shooting some video last week and one of the cameras I used auto focused and locked onto a wood railing in the foreground of the subject I actually wanted in focus, so the main subject is a little fuzzy, and now there is no way to reproduce the moment nor fix the focus.

And I expect to be paid for the shoot anyway. I have issues with that piece of video but I do have other video, thankfully, that captured the whole scene.

I will make it work, but...

That's why you buy a Lytro. After-the-fact, fix-it-in post refocusing a scene.

That is a nice feature the future has brought to us.

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