Tuesday, April 19, 2016

It appears that..

It appears that the future of film is going without the green screen:

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The above link takes you to a page posted by American Movie company about the new Lytro Light Vector capture camera. The 755 Immerge.

Over the years one of the things I have heard over and over is this is the hot new tech or this is the new way or this is where we are going with technology.

I was part of a Master's Thesis once upon a time wherein the writer and I met online in a virtual world and we discussed the future of tech and virtual reality worlds in general.

I have surmised, and it seems more and more this vision is coming true... I surmised that we can make such an eye appealing world with technology that people are going to want to spend their lives in virtual reality instead of in the real world.

Call it the Matrix or whatever, as crimes become more intense, and terrorism visits us closer to home, and we become poorer, and the cycle of inflation kicks in, and we deplete the value of the dollar into 16 trillionths of a dollar of debt (the dollar bill divided by the current approximate debt of the United States), escapism is going to become more and more desirable...

People will be locked in VR worlds and the building they are living and viewing the VR in will be destroyed by some occurrence and they won't even know it happened, except a momentary burning feeling as they are blown apart or incinerated.

But I am going off on a tangent.

One of the things about new technology is that as something new comes on the scene something else seems to come along that becomes the Public's preferred way to go. And it isn't the early on predicted way.

This social phenomenon is powered by the media, trends and other factors like the economy, and so on.

For example, in the 50s cigarette commercials, one of the ads used to say "More Doctors prefer such and such cigarettes..."

And so Doctors smoked more cigarettes.

Media influences our decisions in very powerful ways that we don't even realize.

We have been lead to believe that smartphones, and tablets and you name it is going to save us.

Growing up I would have said to you that technology is going to save us but I think we are now realizing, with malicious hackers tearing apart our social fabric tied together by technology, terrorist driving herds of stampeding people across the globe, and other such societal events and eventualities, that we may not be so lucky. I think it is quite possible that we are not so much entering the biblical end times, or an apocalypse ( revelation ), but I think we are heading towards a kind of Fermi's Paradox, wherein a kind of house of cards has been built out of credit and technology. And it is going to crumble nearly as fast, if not faster, than we can rebuild, renew, and outrun the inevitable. What ever that may be.

If you have read Bootstrapping Complexity, you will understand the analogy I am about to make...

In Bootstrapping the writer likens humanity as a surfer on a wave, always riding a crest of a wave, and with certain right turns and wrong turns the surfer will either wipeout and have to start over or will get it right and ride the crest of the wave for a nice long ride. Such are the likes of Bill Gates, and Warren Buffet and the United States largest land owner.

For the rest of us, we end up in the house of cards crumbling, for the surfing analogy, we end up in the boil. The boil is the bottom of the wave where previous waves have crashed and filled the water with air. These areas are dangerous because a human doesn't float well in them and sinks.

So our society has became filled with debt and credit boil. Our society is so filled with such that it can't hold anything up. I hope I am wrong.

The glass is half full or half empty? I want to believe it is half full, but I believe it is so aerated that nothing can float on it except those lucky few somehow already above it all.

Recently in the headlines of the news the coal mining industry gave up and went bankrupt.

Ever it seems that old tech is replaced with new tech. But it is never quite so direct as that because of the numerous factors I wrote about above.

Back to the Lytro camera. The premise this is being sold on is that green screen technology, which is so embedded in Hollywood movie making, and makes incredibly eye appealing imagery, will somehow vanish. I suspect it will become part of the tool kit, and probably more useful to the gamers world than the movie world as anything in the movie world will be able to be readily re-created into a game world.

It remains to be seen if this camera and its tech will become desirable to film makers. It is like people saying the desktop computer is gone. Not yet, not so fast.

But it is happening increasingly fast.

I don't think the green screen will be so easily abandoned.

There is too much money to be made. Except it is more like counterfeit money than money backed by anything with real value.

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