Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Lytro 755 Immerge

I began yesterday writing about the 755 Immerge Lytro camera, and then I went off on a pessimistic rant.

'Sorry about that.

The new Lytro camera does have this interesting ability to capture the vector light rays in a scene in a 3 dimensional mathematically based form and house them in a computer server.

By doing so, film makers, and I believe anyone that needs to work with a 3D image, like a heart surgeon might with a heart, or a brain surgeon, or anyone working in a 3D space will be able to reach in with an editor and remove, quite nicely, anything the media resolves, and replace it with something different.

A flower pot in the scene might become a hair dryer, or a lamp, or a hovering bird.

It will lead to new design advances for architecture, and any construction medium, cellular to landscape and beyond.

Here is a link to TechCrunch, notice that it states the Lytro Immerge system is going to kill the green screen.

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